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Alberta Beach, Alberta

Project Summary 

In 2022, AEC was presented with a unique opportunity to install a custom Can-Air aeration system within one of Alberta's only man-made canal that accesses Alberta's Lac Ste. Anne.  Residents enjoy the canal for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and easy access to Lac Ste. Anne, but have complained about the excess weed growth, algae, odors, and black muck. In July, our team installed a 30 SS diffuser bottom aeration system to help address the issues and improve water quality. Windmill Harbour maintenance staff have also begun to regularly apply Muck Pellets to reduce muck. 

Windmill Harbour Canal Aeration Project 

Project Objective 

  • Install a turn-key bottom-diffused aeration system into the canals at Windmill Harbour to increase DO levels and improve the water quality. 


  • Install 30 Can-Air SS diffusers  

  • Install 10 1/2 HP KM 120Ccompressors (total HP= 5; total CFM @ 10 psi= 48)

  • Install custom lengths of AquaTube airline 


  • The canal is heavily used by residents for recreational activities.

  • Very shallow canal

  • Abundance of weeds

  • Power was not hooked up in time for the installation


System installed: July 2022

Planned Solutions 

  • Our team installed this system during the week to avoid interfering with resident activities

  • Use small and quiet boats for diffuser installation 

  • Our team conducted a random depth sampling analysis of the canal prior to installing diffusers to located the deepest zones possible.

  • Tall, thick weeds can be problematic for boat motors. Slow and careful navigation of the canal was required.

  • Our team brought a mobile generator to allow for system testing 


  • The system became operational in July 2022. No prior water quality data was provided. Operators will continue to monitor the systems performance, treat the canal with Pond Pro beneficial bacteria, and communicate with residents to discuss results.

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