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 Bioremediation- Bioaugmentation

Bioremediation is the process of using biological solutions to remove contaminants from the environment. At AEC we specialize in bioaugmentation to stimulate healthy aquatic ecosystems.  Bioaugmentation is a form of in-situ bioremediation. Bioaugmentation directly incorporates microorganisms into a system to allow for the natural metabolical breakdown of organic and inorganic pollutants. Systems with high BOD and COD respond very positively to bioaugmentation because it incorporates beneficial microorganisms to break down organic and inorganic material. 

AEC and Pond Pro Canada are Western Canada's leading distributors of bio-remedial bacteria treatments, specially formulated by our in-house biologist to effectively break down the most common and hardy contaminants found in wastewater treatment facilities, lift stations sewage lagoons, and stormwater ponds.  Through the addition of beneficial bacteria into contaminated systems, these microorganisms will multiply and initiate the breakdown of organic and inorganic matter such as sludge, grease, oils, solids, and excessive nutrients. In turn, the breakdown of organic matter will eliminate algae and harmful bacteria growth, all of which contribute to unproductive, anaerobic environments. Bioaugmentation is a safe and natural form of bioremediation. These chemical-free treatments are completely safe for livestock and wildlife, so there are no risks associated with bacteria treatments. 

Bacteria treatments are most efficient and effective when coupled with aeration. At AEC we also specialize in custom aeration systems that incorporate air into the water to create aerobic aquatic environments.  

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