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Specialized De-icing Equipment for Industrial Barge, Dock, and Pond De-icing 

Aquatic Engineering Canada is one of Canada's leading de-icing experts, not only because of our qualified team and extensive resume but also because of our specialized mechanical impeller and bubbling de-icing equipment. 

View our exclusive lineup of Can-Air bubbler de-icing equipment and Kasco Marine mechanical impeller units below and contact us for more custom designs and quotations. 

For more information regarding de-icing visit our AEC De-icing Website!


Canadian winters are harsh and inevitable. When our equipment is needed to prevent ice-build up from damaging costly infrastructure and equipment, we can't take any chances. That is why AEC and Pond Pro have conducted numerous in-house de-icing studies with our airline to ensure the job is done right. Read about our results below.

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