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High Level Drinking Water Reservoir Aeration 


Town of High Level


High Level, Alberta 



High Level Drinking water reservoir pond aeration system

Project Summary 

After noticing that the Town of High Level was purchasing a lot of compressors from us, our team reached out to the operators to ask why they need so many new compressors. 

Their operations staff informed us that their existing aeration system, which uses perforated bubbling airline stretched along the bottom of the pond, consistently required more air to make sure the entire length of the airline is supplied with enough air. Based on this information our team quickly determined the cause of the issues affecting their existing system. We also learned that High Level's drinking water reservoir was facing challenges with high manganese, hydrogen sulfide odours, and uncontrolled algae with their outdated aeration system.

Pond Pro/ AEC quoted an alternative system designed to eliminate the need to purchase several new compressor units every year and address their water quality concerns.    


In 2016 our team installed a Can-Air Aeration system in High Level's drinking water reservoirs (13 diffuser in one reservoir and 7 diffusers into the other reservoir). Since the installation, town officials have reported low manganese levels, elimination of smell, and minimal algae growth.

Project Objective 

  • Increase dissolved oxygen levels 

  • Address high manganese concerns 

  • Come up with a treatment plan for addressing annual algae blooms 

  • Provide a turn-key system that will reduce mainetence and operating cost 

Planned Solutions 

  • We quickly determined a manufacturing error by our AquaTube supplier resulted in a lighter airline batch. The tubing was fully replaced as soon as a replacement batch was made (4 weeks)


System installation: August 2016


  • Some of the sinking airline installed floated. 


  • Install a total of 20 Can-Air diffusers within reservoir cells 1 and 2

    • Cell 1: 650' x 400' reservoir

    • Cell 2: 850' x 850' reservoir ​

  • Install 9 KM 120C 1/2HP compressors (total system HP= 4.5; total system CFM @ 10 PSI= 43.2 )

  • Install custom lengths of AquaTube airline 

  • Calculate pond volume to determine safe and effective algaecide treatment rates


  • The Town of High Level's water operators have reported increased DO levels (average ranging from 5.0-7.4 ppm), lower manganese levels, elimination of smell, and minimal algae growth.

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