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Lake Sundance Aeration
  & Management Plan


Sundance Lake Residents Association Ltd.


Calgary, Alberta



Project Summary

In 2020, Lake Sundance's Residents Association reached out to our team of biologists to help come up with a lake management plan to safely and effectively reduce algae, macrophytes, and improve overall aquatic health and water quality. Lake Sundance is a private lake and park in the community of Sundance (Calgary, AB). This 33-acre lake is stocked with fish for residents to enjoy fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. The lake boasts a gorgeous sandy beach and an upgraded lakehouse!

Unfortunately, the lake has struggled with algae blooms and weed growth, as well as low levels of oxygen. Aquatic Engineering Canada was contacted to come up with a solution and plan to improve the health of the lake and fish. 

In the summer of 2021, our team installed a 20-diffuser system into the lake. Since the installation, oxygen levels have improved and our team continues to support the association with system servicing and water treatment products.

Project Objective 

  • Reduce cyanobacteria outbreaks,  filamentous and suspended algae issues, macrophyte density and growth through nutrient (phosphate) reduction.

  • Improve water quality (DO levels) for fish (recreational fishery)


  • Install 20 Can-Air Mega diffusers

  • Install 10 KM 120HC compressors (total system HP= 5; total system CFM @ 10 PSI= 48 )

  • Install custom lengths of AquaTube airline 

  • Install balancing valves on every diffuser pair for equal performance

  • GPS locate all diffusers for easy retrieval and mainetence 


  • This lake had multiple deep zones (36+ ft) while the average depth was around 20ft. The challenge we faced with this was coupling diffusers and maintaining an equal balance between pairs, as well precise diffuser placement to avoid the deep pockets when installing.

  • As a private Calgary Lake, community approval and engagement were very important to ensure all members are aware of our work and comfortable with the project.

  • Non-intrusive installation to allow residents and members to continue to use the lake while we were on site



System installation: July 2021

Planned Solutions 

  • Our team planned to measure depths by lowering diffusers on equal length ropes to ensure depth placement was the same. Balancing valves can also be added if depths are vastly different.

  • Provide an interview to the Lake Association Manager and discuss the scope of our work and the impact of our equipment in the lake. This was a great way to inform the community and keep everyone in the loop.

  • Utilize small and quiet boats to drop diffusers. Trenching and more intrusive activities were planned earlier in the year to avoid summer crowds.


  • Our client has been very pleased with the system. The system has been issue-free and has improved oxygen levels in the lake.

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