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Village of Harrison Hot Springs 


Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia 



Project Summary 

In late 2020, our installation crew flew out to the picturesque community of Harrison Hot Springs, BC to install a Can-Air Mega diffuser aeration system and a 7.5HP Kasco Marine floating fountain within the village's lagoon. The lagoon is a centerpiece of this tourist community and is the local spot to swim and enjoy the beach and walking trails around it. Pond Pro/ AEC was contacted by the town to help address the reduced water quality and increased weed growth (caused by an increase in nutrients and bacteria from waterfowl and urban activities), and to install an impressive water feature to become the community's latest focal point and tourist attraction.


Over a course of 4-days, our team installed an 8-diffuser Can-Air Mega diffuser system, along with a 7.5HP Kasco Marine floating fountain equipped with a 6-fixture stainless steel light kit. 


Despite the challenges we all faced in 2020, this project was a highlight for our install team and company. We had the opportunities to interact with the locals to learn more about their beautiful mountain village, while watching the fountain come to life and draw people to the lagoon.

Harrison Hot Springs Lagoon Aeration &
Fountain Installation 

Project Objective 

  • Improve water quality in the lagoon

    • E.coli in the water ​causing public safety concerns

  • Help reduce excessive aquatic weed growth

  • Provide the town with a floating fountain to help expand tourism  


  • Install 8 Can-Air Mega diffusers

  • Install 4 KM 120HC compressors (total system HP= 2; total system CFM @ 10 PSI= 19.2)

  • Trench PVC conduit from compressor room to lagoon and run custom lengths of AquaTube airline to each diffuser

  • Install one Kasco Marine 7.3JF 7.5HP floating fountain with a 500 ft cord

  •  Install 6-fixture Kasco Marine Stainless Steel Light Kit on the fountain 


  • Environmental approval for the installation as the lagoon directly borders Harrison Lake, which is home to a diverse aquatic ecosystem.

  • As a public lagoon, community approval and engagement was very important to ensure all members are aware of our work and comfortable with the project.

  • Non-intrusive installation to allow residents to continue to use the walking trails and beaches around the lagoon while we were on site


System and Fountain installation: November 2020

Planned Solutions 

  • To address environmental concerns and ensure our installation and equipment has negligible impacts on the lagoon and lake ecosystem, an environmental consultant was present on site during the installation period to monitor disturbances.

  • Pond Pro/AEC design plans were openly shared with the community in meetings and forums to keep its residents informed with the project. Our team members also engaged with curious residents to answer their questions and concerns while on site.

  • Utilize a small and quiet boat to place diffusers and install the fountain. 

  • Fencing was set up to keep the public safe and away from equipment.


  • The village staff has been very please with the system and the fountain. The fountain has become a focal point of the community, and here has been a lot of community enjoyment around the fountain display. 

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