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Pulp Mill Cooling & Aeration Ponds

Pulp Mill & Chemical Plant Cooling Ponds

Water Management in industrial settings such as pulp and paper mills, or chemical processing plants presents a unique set of challenges including:

  • Unstable pH 

  • High chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels

  • High biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) levels

  • Odours

  • Water turbidity

  • Algae and aquatic vegetation

  • High ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite levels

  • High phosphates

  • Low oxygen levels 

  • And more

Our team has recently installed a 26- Can-Air Diffuser Pro XL system into a pulp and paper mill distillate equalization pond to help improve water quality. Trust our experts and rely on our experiences to help you with designing the aeration, cooling, or de-icing system that is customized for your operation's specialized needs. 

We offer the technology you need, including aeration airline and industrial Can-Air Diffusers

Meadow lake mechanical pulp mill aeration system DEP
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