Reducing Water Turbidity, Metals and Soils

Reduce Heavy Oil and Pollutants in Industrial & Tailings Ponds

Reducing water turbidity can be a challenging responsibility, but our team is here to offer economical effective solutions. Our Engineer will provide various options for managing your settling pond, tailings pond, or construction runoff water.

Our consultants offer remediation plans and techniques to bind up and settle clays, soils, heavy metals, Bitumen.     

Polymer System to Filter water, reduce phosphates, improve water quality for industrial use
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APS 700 Series Floc Logs are a group of semi-hydrated anionic polyacrylamide blended logs that when placed in the flow of turbid water remove fine particles and reduce turbidity, metals and inanimate nutrient values.  Each Floc Log is formulated for the soil and water chemistry of the specific site where the placement and usage are intended. 

Primary Applications

  • Mine tailings and waste pile ditches

  • Stormwater drainage from construction and building sites

  • Road and highway construction runoff ditches

  • Ditch and treatment system placement for all forms of highly turbid waters (less than 4% solids)

  • Dredging operations as a flocculent


Features and Benefits

  • Removes solubilized soils and clay from water

  • Prevents colloidal solutions in water within ditch systems

  • Binds cationic metals within water, reducing solubilization

  • Reduces operational and cleanup costs

  • Reduces environmental risks and helps meet compliance 

Applied Polymer Systems Flocculents

Floc Log Effect (1).jpg

Before Floc Log

Floc Log Effect (2).jpg

 1 Hrs After