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Lake Chaparral Aeration System  


Lake Chaparral Resident's Association 


Calgary, Alberta



Chaperral Lake Calgary aeration layout design pond pro.jpg

Project Summary 

In 2017, we installed a turn-key 19-diffuser aeration system in Lake Chaparral, the cornerstone of the Lake Chapparal Community. This energy-efficient system utilizes only 4.5 HP and has since improved water quality and limited weeds and algae. This project offered a similar scope of work to many of our previous jobs, however, this project presented a unique opportunity to work in an underground vault to install aeration compressors. We continue to service the compressors and diffusers as needed to ensure the systems continues to operate seamlessly.

Project Objective 

  • Improve water quality (DO levels) for recreational activities.

  • Reduce algae growth .


  • Install 19 diffuser

  • Install 9 KM 120HC compressors (total system HP= 4.5; total system CFM @ 10 PSI= 43.2) within a pre-installed underground vault 

    • Install cooling fans for adequate air flow within the vault​

    • Install sump pump within the vault as precautionary flood prevention

  • Install custom lengths of air line 


  • This lake had multiple deep zones (35 ft). The challenge  with this it to maintain an equal balance between pairs, as well precise diffuser. placement to avoid the deep pockets when installing.

  • An underground vault was dug to seamlessly house compressors. This vault has next to no ventilation, requires additional training and staff to work in, and is often at risk for flooding. 

  • Non-intrusive installation.


System installation: Summer 2017

Planned Solutions 

  • Our team measured depths by lowering diffusers on equal-length ropes to ensure depth placement was the same for equal performance.

  • The possible compressor noise was a concern to several residents, which is why the association decided to house compressors underground. This eliminates all external noise, however introduced several other challenges.

    • With little air exchange within the vault our team installed large cooling fans within the vault to prevent overheating.

    • Our installed team was equipped with H2S monitors to safely work in the vault and our crew worked in pairs

    • Sump pumps were installed to mitigate the risk of flooding in the vault

  • Utilize small and quiet boats to drop diffusers. 


  • The lakes water quality has improved since the aeration system was installed. The community has reported reduce algae blooms. Our team continues to work with Lake Chaparral Resident's Association for scheduled system mainetence. 

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