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Industrial De-icing Consulting

Rely on our experts and equipment to protect yours

Aquatic Engineering Canada specializes in industrial and commercial ponds and lake de-icing to protect valuable and necessary equipment and structures. We specialize in barge and boat, bridge, ferry dock, and marina de-icing. Our de-icing experts have the knowledge and experience to design a reliable de-icing system to suit your project needs.

Here at AEC, we have designed our own bubble de-icing equipment that is exclusively manufactured and distributed by AEC and Pond Pro. Contact our team for de-icing consultation services to ensure the job is done right. Our services include:

  • On-site visit to evaluate the best possible system

  • Custom de-icing design report

  • Engineered drawings  

  • Custom machined equipment to suit the job

  • Installation services by qualified staff

Learn more by visiting AEC's industrial de-icing website.

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