Oilsands & Tailings Ponds De-Icing

De-Icing for Tailings ponds, oilsands equipment, barges and more

Tailings Ponds & Oilsands De-Icing

Aquatic Engineering Canada is based in Alberta - we support your work in the oilsands and offer Canadian made equipment as much as possible. 

We have over twenty years designing and supplying de-icing for oilsands projects including barge de-icing, tailings sands de-icing and more. 

We offer only the best of the best of de-icers, with 4 North American made brands and the highest stock levels in Canada.

AEC is also the sole distributor of Can-Air De-Icing Airline and Can-Air De-Icer Pro Diffusers for industrial de-icing projects like de-icing oilsands infrastructure and tailings ponds.