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Aeration and Water Management for Wineries and Breweries For Canadian Viticulture and Brewing Operations

Managing oxygen levels through fine bubble aeration can greatly increase the quality of brews and wines!

Aquatic Engineering Canada's Canadian Made Can-Air systems have been installed in lakes across the country to help with water quality and aquatic health. The benefits of aeration are often overlooked or thought to be limited to lakes and ponds, however, Pond Pro has supplied several custom aeration systems and equipment to wineries and breweries across Canada as well.

For small aeration tanks in viticulture plants and brewery facilities, Pond Pro offers specialized fine bubble aeration diffusers and airlines for small-scall and concentrated batches. The fermentation process requires adequate oxygen to allow for yeasts and microorganisms to grow and reproduce. With goals to increase dissolved oxygen (DO) levels within aeration tanks for various stages of the process, our aeration airlines have proven to be most efficient at oxygen transfer compared to coarse bubble competitors. 


Our Can-Air aeration equipment offers:

  • Construction out of safe and non-toxic material (used in aquaculture, aquaponics, and other food industries)

  • Durable material that will not degrade due to highly acidic environments

  • Easy to clean equipment 

  • Efficient air pumps for shallow tank/water aeration

  • Low energy consumption 

To learn more about how our Can-Air aeration systems can help improve your brews and wines, contact us for more information! 

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