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Sewage Lagoon Water Treatment

Sewage Lagoon Biological & Chemical Water Treatments in Canada

Reduce Algae, Weeds, Odour and Kill E. Coli in Sewage Lagoons & Wastewater Treatment

Adequate aeration is key to proper management of wastewater lagoons to reduce algae, kill e.Coli and reduce water odor. 

Aquatic Engineering Canada has wastewater experts in-house to assist with lagoon aeration design and equipment procurement. Trust the aeration experts for your lagoon aeration needs.


Our team also has the expertise you need to determine adequate bioremediation to manage your lagoons. With 100% Canadian-made, DSL-approved bacteria products, AEC is your go-to, one-stop solution for all your wastewater treatment needs. 

Sewage Lagoon Water Treatment, Aeration, bacteria and algae control
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