Potable Water Treatment & UV Sterilization

Canadian Potable Water Treatment & NSF Certified UV Sterilization


Many sewage lagoon issues can be addressed with all-natural bioremediation bacteria treatments which work to restore the natural aerobic ecosystem.  Bacteria treatments are very safe, all-natural treatments which introduce beneficial bacteria, enzymes and minerals to the lagoon. As these bacteria multiply, they eat away at the accumulations of sludge, grease and solids in the pond, as well as the nutrients that algae and weeds would otherwise live off of.  This bioremediation also reduces phosphates, breaks down organics, reduces odour and lowers pH. These chemical-free treatments are completely safe for livestock and wildlife.

While often used for sewage lagoons to treat wastewater, aeration and bioaugmentaiton are often overlooked to address pollutants and grease. These issue are also effectively treated through oxygenating the water, and using natural bacteria to consume grease, prevent build up and improve efficiency of the lagoon.  

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