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Manitoba Hydro Powerline De-icing  


Manitoba Hydro


Manitoba, Canada 



Kasco Marine De-Icer lineup

Project Summary 

Our team was contacted by Manitoba Hydro when they found that an area affected by an autumn flood had powerlines that were now situated in the lake. The water under these towers froze in the harsh -30 degrees Celsius temperatures, resulting in ice thickness ranging from 50-60 cm. This ice build-up surrounding the towers had started to damage the powerline towers.

Our team worked quickly to come up with a solution that we supply our client with right away. As Canada's top distributor of Kasco Marine products, our large inventory allowed us to immediately ship 1HP Kasco Marine propeller de-icers. 

Once the equipment was received the customer installed the units and reported the complete clearing of the ice around the affected towers within 80 hours.

Project Objective 

  • Come up with a rapid solution to de-ice around powerline towers


  • Advise the client to cut a  large enough hole in the ice around the powerline tower to place a de-icer in the opening.  

  • Install 1HP (4400D) Kasco Marine de-icers 


  • Freezing temperatures

  • Urgency of coming up with a solution and getting equipment to site before further damage ensues 



Planned Solutions 

  • Come up with a de-icing plan that utilizes in-stock equipment so we can express ship it on the same day 


  • The client reported that approximately 80 hours after the de-icers were installed, the area around the towers had been de-iced. 

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