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Project Name



Town of Eckville

Eckville, Alberta



Eckville large aeration lagoon system .JPG

Project Summary 

The Town of Eckville contacted our team to come up with a solution for an effective and low-maintenance aeration system for two wastewater lagoons.  The town previously relied on old and failing surface aerators. The surface aerators posed health and safety risks for operators needing to go on the lagoons to service the equipment.  In 2023, we installed two custom bottom-diffused Can-Air Mega aeration systems (a total of 19 diffusers) into the lagoons. These new submerged systems have proven to be far easier to operate and maintain, compared to the old system.

We look forward to working closely with the town to monitor the results. 

Project Objective

  • Design, supply, and install an easy to maintain, and effective aeration system within the town's two aerated wastewater lagoons.


  • Install a total of 19 Can-Air Mega diffusers ino lagoon 1 and 2

    • Lagoon 1 = 14 diffusers​

    • Lagoon 2= 5 diffusers 

  • Install seven CA-150 1/2HP compressors to supply the system (total CFM= 41.3 @ 10 psi) 

  • Install custom lengths of Can-Air AquaTube sinking airline and insulated line to feed diffusers 

  • A lightweight aluminum boat was used to install all diffusers and airline. On-land equipment was used to carefully trench the airlines to the existing compressor building.


  • Tight schedule: The town was eager to install a new system as the old system posed as a serious health and safety concern to the operators (risk of falling in when removing, installing or servicing surface aerators). 


  • System installed: Summer 2023

Planned Solutions 

  • To accomodate to the town's tight timeline, our team had to work quickly to prepare the design and manufacture the equipment for the installation. 


  • The systems were successfully installed in two days. The systems have been easy to operate. We look forward to receiving future updates on the systems' performance. 

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