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De-Icing for Ferries, Barges, Oil Sands and Tailings Ponds

De-Icing for Ferries, Barges, Oilsands and Tailings Ponds in Canada

Aquatic Engineering is Canada's de-icing expert that has provided de-icing solutions for over 20 years. We started de-icing equipment in the Northern Alberta oilsands but quickly grew to be a major consultant and equipment supplier across Canada. We have designed and supplied de-icing equipment that has successfully protected industrial and government infrastructure from ice damage across Canada. 

De-Icing of Boats, Barges, Ferry Docks, Tailings Ponds & more
Barge De-Icing Design

De-Icing Consulting & Engineering Services

AEC offers consulting and engineering services from our team of de-icing experts. We can assist with system design, including detailed engineered drawings.

Barge De-Icing by Arbrux De-Icers

De-Icing Equipment Procurement

AEC offers industry-leading de-icing technology including impeller de-icers, de-icing airline, and de-icing diffusers. We have the largest stock in Canada from de-icing companies including Kasco Marine, Arbrux, Powerhouse, and Pond Pro Canada

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