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De-Icing for Docks, Harbours and Marinas

De-Icing for Docks, Harbours and Marinas

Aquatic Engineering Canada offers de-icing equipment to protect boats, docks, marinas, harbors, and all infrastructure at risk of ice damage. 


Our team understands the complexities of de-icing and can offer the solutions you need. AEC's de-icing consultants have an in-depth understanding of the equipment and technology that our de-icing is effective and efficient. 

AEC's de-icing solutions include Kasco Marine De-Icers, Powerhouse De-Icers, Arbrux De-Icers, and bubble de-icing air line. AEC is the sole distributor of Can-Air De-Icer Pro Diffusers, ideal for de-icing large areas such as marinas or harbors. 

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