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Landfill Water Management & Leachate Ponds

Water Aeration, pollutant reduction in leachate ponds and landfill water

Landfill Water Management & Leachate Ponds

Landfill & Leachate ponds are often overlooked until they've become a significant problem for landfill management.

Stay proactive on your leachate pond management with a customized plan from our consultants for aeration and water quality management. 

Surface aeration has proven to be a robust, reliable, and effective aeration solution for landfill and leachate ponds. Industrial-grade equipment is our specialty here at AEC, and we have the experience and knowledge to help design a system to manage landfill and leachate ponds.

Reduce odours, sludge build-up, algae, BOD & COD, and improve overall water quality. Contact us for solutions!

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