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Industrial Diffuser Aerators

Can-Air SS Pond Aeration for lagoons, municipal, water reservoirs, algae control and odour control

Bottom Diffused Aeration 

Bottom Diffused Aeration is the most efficient aeration system available, releasing micrbubbles fromt he lagoon bottom, increasing oxygen levels and prompting water circulation. Bottom diffused aeration has extensive benefits for lagoons including:

  • Decreased BOD & COD

  • Restore oxygen to pond bottom

  • Reduce phosphates by up to 95%

  • Reduce sedimentation

  • Encourage breakdown of organics and nutrients up to 10X faster

  • Reduce internal nutrient cycling

  • Reduce smells cause by hydrogen gas

  • Lower pH

  • Reduce algae and unwanted vegetation

We offer premium aeration brands, designed for efficiency in industrial applications and harsh winter climates, including Can-Air Aeration and Kasco Marine Robust-Aire Aeration Systems.

While our experts recommend the micro-bubble tubing diffusers used in the Robust-Aire and Can-Air systems, we offer all styles of diffusers, including EPDM membrane diffusers. Contact our team of consultants for additional information at sales@pondpro.ca or 1-855-414-7663.

Fine Bubble Aeration for lagoons, lakes, ponds, reservoirs and more

Can-Air Industrial Pro

Industrial Aeration Diffuser for Lagoons, Holding Ponds & Lakes 

AEC is the exclusive distributor of Can-Air Industrial Pro Diffuser for commercial use. This Canadian designed and manufactured aeration equipment is the strongest and largest in it's field, offering 180' of aeration tubing. 

This diffuser offers unmatched water movement from it's 8' x 8' frame. 


Can-Air Industrial

Pro Spec Sheet