Succesful Projects

Installing Aeration Diffusers in Saskatchewan Pond & Lagoon
Town of Fleming Drinking Water Reservoir Aeration
Fleming, Saskatchewan

Our team recently completed an aeration design & installation for a rural drinking water retention pond for the town of Fleming in Saskatchewan. This four diffuser system, in conjunction with our biologist-recommended algaecide treatment is implemented to make this water potable again

Installing Aeration in Drinking Water Reservoir in Alberta
Horseshoe Canyon Drinking Water Reservoir Aeration 
Cochrane, Alberta

We were contacted by the administrators of a new development in Cochrane Alberta. This unique community has their own drinking water reservoir and needed aeration to maintain potable water quality in their reservoir. This 19 diffuser system used our made in Canada aeration system. The operator reports that water quality testing results have been great since the system installation.

Water Management for Residential Communities including aeration, fountains and water treatments
Watermark at Bearspaw Development Aeration & Water Management
Calgary, Alberta

Pond Pro Canada was responsible for installing an aeration system in the expansive stormwater pond system running through the community of Watermark at Bearspaw. This aeration system included 32 diffusers to maintain water quality, reduce algae and weeds and prevent any odour from the water.

Harrison Hot Springs Fountain & Aeration System
Harrison Hot Springs Lagoon Fountain & Aeration
Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

Our team installed an 8 diffuser system, along with a 7.5 HP Decorative Fountain in Harrison Hot Springs Lagoon in British Columbia. This system was designed to improve water quality while adding visual appeal to the resort community. The fountain and lights received a rave review from the community.

Lake Chaparral Aeration Design.jpg
Lake Chaparral Aeration & Water Management
Calgary, Alberta

This 18 diffuser aeration system was installed in Lake Chaparral, the cornerstone of the Lake Chapparal Community. This aeration system has improved water quality and limited weeds and algae. This system has been an efficient and economic way to maintain the lake water quality so it can be enjoyed by residents every year. 

Snowmaking Pond Aeration
The Heights of Horseshoe Ski Club Aeration for Snow Making Pond
Barrie, Ontario

Pond Pro Canada was approached for assistance improving water quality of a snowmaking pond that was having problems with iron in the water and resulting discolored snow. Our consultants recommended an aeration system that improved water quality and ensured clear white snow was produced for the ski resort.

High Level Aeration of drinking water reservoirs
High Level Drinking Water Reservoirs Aeration
High Level, Alberta

High Level Drinking Water Reseroir was facing challenges with high manganese, hydrogen sulphide odours and uncontrolled algae with their outdated aeration system. We installed a Can-Air Aeration system in both drinking water reservoirs (20 diffuser and 7 diffuser systems) to address these concerns. Town officials have reported low manganese levels, elimination of smell and minimal algae growth. 

De-Icing Power Line in Manitoba
Manitoba Hydro Powerline De-Icing

We were approached by Manitoba Hydro employees who needed emergency assistance to de-ice powerline towers. The base of these towers had been surrounded by a flood and now that it was frozen, the towers were being warped by ice damage. Our consultants advised them to chip away at the ice and place a Kasco 1HP De-Icer which successfully de-iced the area, allowed for tower repair and protected the repaired infrastructure for the winter.

Camrose - Mirror Lake Fountain.jpg
City of Camrose 10 HP Fountain
Camrose, Alberta 

Our team succesfully provided and installed the 10 HP Aquamaster floating fountain in the city's Mirror Lake. This fountain has become a highlight in the city, a popular backdrop for special events.