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Can- Air Bubble Aeration Air Line 

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Can-Air Bubble Aeration Air Line  

 Perforated & Self-sinking  PVC Rubber Air line for Wastewater  Lagoons, Holding Cells, Shorelines & More

Aquatic Engineering Canada is the exclusive distributor of Can-Air Bubble Aeration Air Line, a high-quality rubber PVC perforated airline that is self-sinking. Can-Air Bubble Aeration Airline is one of a kind bottom diffuser that creates bubble barriers that are proven to reduce underwater noise and unwanted spreading of applied water treatments and act as a physical barrier for debris (ie. trash). On top of this, the bubbles produce increased oxygen levels in the water, reduce algae and vegetation growth, reduce BOD, COD, and phosphates, and improve aquatic health.


This tubing is made in Canada with the guidance of our aeration and de-icing expert. This durable tubing is intended for municipal, commercial, and industrial use. This 1/2" I.D. perforated airline is available in 100 ft rolls, 500 ft spools, and custom lengths by request, to suit any sized project. 

Can-Air Bubble Aeration Air Line is designed for and has been used in the application of: 

  • Aerating municipal wastewater lagoons

  • Aerating drinking water reservoirs

  • Wine aeration tanks

  • Aquaculture

  • Aquaponics

  • Oilfield tailings ponds

  • Chemical dosing

  • Noise-reduction on offshore drilling rigs

AEC's Can-Air Bubble Aeration Air Line offers the following product features & specifications: 

  • UV resistant

  • RoHS Compliant

  • Certification of conformance ASTM D380 Test

  • Highest working pressure in the industry

  • Chemical resistant

  • Kink and damage resistant 

  • Designed for fresh and saltwater 

  • Perforation: 4 holes 90 degrees to allow for aeration 

  • Theoretical burst pressure = 200 PSI at 20 degrees Celsius 

  • Recommended working pressure= 65 PSI at 20 degrees Celsius

AEC has qualified staff on hand to design an aeration system with Can-Air Bubble Aeration Air Line for any scale. Contact our team at or 1-855-414-7663 for aeration recommendations and quotations today. 

Request an Aeration Consultation

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