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Lakes & Water Management


Aquatic Engineering Canada's partner Company, Pond Pro Canada, was born out of an aquaculture operation. As a result of this, our team includes fisheries and lake biologists who can help with lake management for optimal ecosystem health to sustain trout populations. On top of this, our team of biologist also offer solutions for other common issues that riddle natural Canadian ponds including:


AEC has worked with numerous homeowner associations and municipalities to help address lake management issues and restore a lake's natural balance and beauty. We understand the intrinsic value of lakes, therefore, we offer natural solutions including aeration and bacteria treatment that will not interfere with a lake's natural chemistry.

AEC offers a wide range of biologist consultation services to help assess your lake's health and problems in order for us to accurately come up with manageable solutions to help restore your lake.

Management of Canadian Lakes for Algae Control, Water Quality, Public Safety, and Fish Habitats

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