Algae Control in Canadian Lagoons, Wastewater Treatment & Lift Stations

Algae Control in wastewater lagoons, lift stations and reservoirs

Algae Control in Reservoirs, Wastewater Lagoons, Retention Pond Treatment,  and Industrial Ponds.

Algae is a common problem in municipal ponds, lakes and water retention ponds throughout Canada, but it can be easily controlled and prevented. 

Our decades of experience has made it clear that effective aeration and bioaugmentation can reduce algae by up to 95%. 

Our team, led by an in-house biologist can perform a comprehensive study of your lagoon, the issues causing the algae and offer aeration and water treatment recommendations to limit algae. 

Additionally, AEC & Pond Pro Canada is the primary distributor of Canadian made NSF Certified ProClear Algaecide.  ProClear clears ponds of algae with-in 24 - 72 hours after most applications.   ProClear is an ionic copper in form of Cu2+ ions.  This results in much lower doses than granular copper and better for the environment.  ProClear can be used to selectively control the problem microorganism.  

ProClear kills Cyanobacteria (blue green algae), kills planktonic algae, E-coli, filamentous algae, and other bacteria and algae species.

ProClear is very safe for mammals, fish, humans etc if used as directed.  Mammals are 1000 x more tolerant to copper than algae and copper is used as a mineral supplement in feed and is necessary to mammal physiology.