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Town of Crossfield




Crossfield, Alberta

Project Summary

Our team of biologists, engineers, and installation crew have installed a 70 Can-Air Mega X2 diffuser aeration system within the town's facultative wastewater lagoon to help improve oxygen levels, BOD, and TSS. This project aims to help the town increase its existing wastewater facility to prepare for rapid community growth while continuing to meet stringent environmental standards.  

Crossfield Lagoon Aeration Upgrade Project 

Project Objective & Goals

  • Add aeration to the facultative cell to increase the system's capacity to account for rapid community expansion.

  • Maintain levels of CBOD and TSS at or below provincial standards for release 

  • Maintain DO at or above 2.0 mg/L


  • Install 70 Can-Air Mega X2 diffusers on two lengths of floating HDPE laterals 

  • Install two 420 CFM blowers to supply the system 

  • Install two baffle curtains 

  • Install all in-water equipment using boats, diffuser positioning hooks, and drones to confirm positioning

  • The system is designed to operate all year to maintain adequate oxygen levels within the lagoon. 

  • Operators collect monthly water samples to ensure water quality.

  • Installed VFDs allows operators to adjust the system based on seasonal oxygen demands.


  • Tight project timeline due to rapid expansion

  • Obtain Alberta Environment's (AEP) approval for the proposed system

  • Limited historical data

  • Maintaining DO levels

  • Installing the system in a full and functional lagoon

  • Site conditions: high winds

  • Energy consumption concerns 


Project awarded: April 2022

System commissioning: Oct 2022

Planned Solutions 

  • To accommodate to a tight schedule and prevent further delays, our team worked proactively to pre-order material to avoid shortages.

  • Frequent meetings to update the client on progress and rush approvals

  • Early communication and clear plan to address AEP for project approval

  • With limited data we planned to begin monthly water sampling immediately and continue sampling for a minimum of 2 years to compare pre-aeration levels with aerated data.

  • Work closely with our wastewater engineers to calculate required oxygen demand of the system 

  • Use of boats, drones and GPS to position diffusers 

  • Planned anchorage of equipment on site 

  • Use of VFDs to reduce energy costs 


  • Monthly water samples are collected by the town, and tested for BOD, TSS, and DO. Samples are collected at the inlet of the anaerobic cells, the anaerobic cell outlet/ facultative inlet, the facultative outlet, and the storage cell. Test results have shown a significant decrease in BOD and TSS levels within the faculative cell, compared to unaerated data.  

  • Sampling will continue on a monthly basis and Pond Pro and the town will continue to closely monitor the system.

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