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Horsecreek Water Services Ltd.


Cochrane, Alberta



Project Summary 

We were contacted by the administrators of the new development in Cochrane, Alberta. This unique community has its raw drinking water reservoir and needed aeration to maintain potable water quality in its reservoir. Our team designed and installed a turn-key 19-diffuser Can-Air system to help maintain the reservoir's water quality and drinking water safety standards. The operator of Sampson Water Services Ltd. since reports that water quality testing results have been great since the system installation.

MonTerra on Cochrane Lakes Drinking Water Reservoir Aeration 

Project Objective 

  • Improve and maintain water quality within MonTerra's raw water drinking reservoir

    • Water quality must adhere to provincial drinking water safety standards​

Planned Solutions 

  • We worked closely with our client to provide them with equipment specifications and design plans to allow them to inform the residents of the project plans

  • A small and quiet boat was used to install diffusers

  • Small installation team and minimal equipment to minimize disturbances 


System installation: 2018


  • As a high-end, up-and-coming community, residents voiced their concerns about potential compressor noise compressor housing, and more.

  • Non-intrusive installation to allow residents to continue to use the walking trails and area.


  • Install 19 Can-Air diffusers

  • Install 9 KM 120C 1/2HP compressors (total system HP= 4.5; total system CFM @ 10 PSI= 43.2) within central shed for easy operation 

  • Install custom lengths of AquaTube air line 


Sampson Water Services has reported ​​trouble free operation of the system and has not had any water quality concerns since the installation.

MonTerra Water reservoir aerated.jpeg
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