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Aquatic Engineering Services for De-Icing & Aeration
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AEC offers in-house engineers, specializing in industrial aeration and de-icing to custom design the right systems to guarantee results. 

We know that aeration and de-icing is a niche field - and you need the experts to get the results you need. Our team of experts include engineers and biologists with over 20 years experience.  



Your aquatic engineering needs are complex and may need custom equipment. That's why AEC is partnered with Pond Pro Canada to offer machining capabailities to customize the equipment for your upcoming project.


Industrial De-Icing & Aeration of barges, docks, lakes and more

     “The staff at Pond Pro are experts in their field. They have helped us to resolve many issues we had with our pond and lagoon system. I have had tremendous success working with them. Everyone's water situation is unique. Their expertise in resolving cold weather problems in northern Canada has earned them my personal loyalty. 

Joseph K. 

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Aquatic Engineering Canada Solutions

AEC partners with Pond Pro Canada to offer all types of aeration for municipal and government jobs. AEC's aeration consultants will design a system for any need, including surface aerators, diffused aeration or aeration airline.

AEC offers consulting, system design and equipment procurement for all de-icing needs.  


Water quality management is crucial, yet often challenging. That's why our biologists and experts are here to assist. Our team has 20 years in improving water quality through bioaugmentation, flocculation, algae control and more. 



Aquatic Engineering Canada, also known as AEC is Canada's go-to source for expertise and equipment.

Our business is built on integrity, reliability and our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction that has grown our business. 

AEC is a division of Pond Pro Canada Ltd. 


Our team is led by head consultant and biologist Lorne Louden who shares his 22 years experience in aeration, de-icing, water treatment and all aspects of industrial water management. 

As a combination of succesful projects and satisfied customers have prompted us to  grow, our team has expanded from a family owned and operated company to a team of highly qualified and exprieinced professionals, including biologists, engineers, project designers and more. 


AEC/Pond Pro Canada Ltd. 

Corporate Office

3080 Yonge Street, Suite 6060,

Toronto, Ontario

M4N 3N1 


AEC Alberta Office

First Edmonton Place

10665 Jasper Avenue, Suite 1400

T5J 3S9

1-855-414-7663 ext 1

Custom Manufacturing & Shipping Warehouse

49350 Range Road 211

Camrose, AB

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